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  1. Hey Rick! How are ya? Not sure I like your new website’s look. Oh well, must get with the times, eh? We were interviewed in Sept. for Erik Cimon’s new film, MTL New Wave, and so was Phil. (I met Phil by accident a bit after that and now we correspond and meet sometimes.) The finished film should be out next Sept, Erik says. At the premier of the first film MTL Punk, I heard that you guys played Electric Vomit songs. I suspect the same thing will happen at the new film’s premiere, that they’ll have some bands play before the film. In the previous film, how many bands played, and for how long each? Just wondering what to expect, in case they ask us to play. Any shows scheduled for the American Devices? See ya! Keith

  2. send me yer latest stuff for the masses and I’ll paypal you price & postage! or i’ll paypal you first, then you can mail. Tell me what address to use for payment.

    • Hi, Uncle Bob! Sorry for the delayed response but Hotmail was sending my WordPress emails into my spam folder! Which “latest stuff” are you looking for?

  3. hi, i am looking for copies of motion picture purgatory I and II (and potentially sugar diet if it is still being published?). mpp is available on amazon.ca but i’m curious whether another method is more beneficial to you in terms of royalties and/or whether i might be able to buy copies at an actual store within montreal. please advise. thank you. 🙂

    • Sorry for the delayed response but Hotmail was sending my WordPress messages into my spam folder. I have copies of Motion Picture Purgatory Volume One available in Montreal, but they’re in my possession at the moment. Perhaps we could meet & I could deliver a copy to you personally as long as it’s within Montreal. If not, maybe we could work something out via post. I ran out of Volume Two but I’ll have more this summer (they’re being shipped from the UK). Unfortunately no more Sugar Diets left. I hope this reply reaches you. I recently converted this site to WordPress & I’m not accustomed to corresponding on here. If there are any problems, email me directly at ricktrembles (at) hotmail (dot) com. Thanks!

  4. Hi Rick,
    My name is Sasha Anne Lyn and we met briefly in Montreal in the 1990’2. I was hanging around with Mimi for a time, who I lost contact with. (Do you know what happened to her?)
    I was at Art School and I guess I met Mimi through Dave who would become my room mate. Dave made silk screened T-shirts with…dammed…a drummer, an artist a cool guy and my memory is sooo bad.
    My reason for contacting you is you let me take pictures of you as I was never without a camera and I have a few black and whites of you (Remember how you would always wear that silver jacket?….and I don’t think I ever saw you without sunglasses on..) anyway I was going to post them on my Instagram but then, I thought I should ask you first as there are 2 of your art work and 2 of you. Do you want to see them first? Does it bother you if I make sure to credit your name?
    You posed for me and I also took close ups of your roller coaster miniature and ‘Flying penis relief sculpture’ sitting in front of a camera I think you used for stop motion…
    Hope you are well….

    • Hi, Sasha!

      Of course I remember you! I would love to see those old photos. A document of that “Flying Penis Relief Sculpture” would be great to have since not many photos were taken of it. You can send me copies at the following email address: ricktrembles (at) hotmail (dot) com

      And I can write to you more about Mimi privately via email there too.


      • Oh That’s cool.
        I really didn’t think you would remember me because I don’t remember talking much.
        Okay thanks, Rick.I’ll email you.

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