In the mid-90’s, I had recently become roommates with Archive Montreal founder Louis Rastelli, who was just starting up his Montreal DIY zine Fish Piss, & he needed content so I began the series REPRESENTED IMMOBILIZED for him. It was after a midnight move away from my crumbling apartment down the street & I had to store most of my belongings in my parents’ basement where I grew up as I was looking for a new place. While gradually bringing all my childhood belongings back into my new digs, it started triggering memories from my past. Worried about them smudging from memory as time wore on, I took the opportunity to document them as a series of cartoons. Conundrum Press has just released the complete collection of these strips! And as a bonus, included within these pages is my 2015 one-shot mini-comic ONE MINUTE WORRIES, all about trying to make it through a whole month broke on just pennies. The book also boasts an extensive three-page intro by CanLit royalty Heather O’Neill. Sample pages & purchasing info HERE

Come interact with me about my new book during a live Zoom session affiliated with TCAF (the Toronto Comic Arts Festival) on May 9. I’ll be joined by Conundrum cartoonist & drummer for my band The American Devices, Howard Chackowicz, plus cartoonist David Collier & the subject of his latest Conundrum book, legendary Toronto first-wave punk promoter Gary Topp. Info HERE

Also; RSVP via Facebook the official Strange Adventures bookstore launch where I’ll be doing a one-hour interactive Show-&-Tell live on Instagram May 12 HERE

This year (& month) marks the 40th anniversary of the world’s most favourite Canadian band THE AMERICAN DEVICES. We had new songs we wanted to unveil & planned to do some live shows to celebrate, but then you-know-what hit the globe. Well, I’ll be damned if we’re gonna come up empty-handed for this momentous event so I commissioned 100 of these limited edition jewel-like die-struck sandblasted lapel pins with antique finish & butterfly clip to celebrate! For only 10 bucks (postage included) I’ll ship you a pin in a zip-lock baggie with an official signed & numbered Certificate of Authenticity, plus a signed, hand-drawn cartoon rendition of the band by yours truly! And if anyone in my Montreal vicinity wants the pin just by itself & can meet me in person for a safe transaction, I’ll knock it down half price to 5 bucks! Email me NOW for deets on how to order this once-in-a-lifetime one-of-a-kind giftie at ricktrembles (at) hotmail (dot) com! Click on the image below for film footage of our little army of lapel pins!

In this weak’s episode: Bubblicious Bereavement Blues! I’ve been posting these 5 at a time since February but since I’ve been making them less frequently, now I’m gonna post each one as I make ’em. Remember; they’re “weaklies,” not weeklies. To read previous entries, dig into my earlier Snubdom posts. (To see images full-sized, click on them to open in a new window & use your magnify function).

November 23, 2020:

Winter lockdown’s gonna be lonely so I made myself an imaginary friend to talk to about movies! In this very first animated episode of MOTION PICTURE PURGATORY BLABCO I look at the “Godfather of Gore” Herschell Gordon Lewis’s take on the swinging sixties: SUBURBAN ROULETTE (1968)! Making these quick & dirty because the sooner the better when it comes to movie reviews & this is my prototype/template so far! Lemme how I can improve future episodes & what movies you’d like to see me tackle next! Click HERE or on the screencap below to watch!

As promised, here are the five latest episodes of the autobiographical comic I started back in February. Remember; they’re “weaklies,” not weeklies. To read previous entries, dig into my earlier Snubdom posts. (To see images full-sized, click on them to open in a new window & use your magnify function).

October 1, 2020:

September 1, 2020:

August 7, 2020:

July 7, 2020:

June 13, 2020: