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Now that Halloween's over it's time to post the rotten fruits of our labor! Below: The monster makeup Evil Andy made for Devices singer Rick Trembles!

Pictured above: exact same zombie mask from Halloween 2009 got perfectly redone onto Rick Trembles' head by Andy Mauro for the Fantasia/FAB Press Motion Picture Purgatory Volume Two launch party July 2009! That's the beauty of making molds you can keep bashing out duplicates from!

And here's the makeup Rick Trembles designed for Devices singer Rob Labelle.

Here's the rest of the American Devices. Figured we'd make Andre & Howard up as freshly shot-in-the-head humans who can't turn into zombies cuz destroying their brains is the only way to kill em before they turn! Or something like that!

Zombie-Devices live at Les 3 Minots!

Pictured at the center: the makeup man responsible for this awesome night, Evil Andy! He's been in the horror biz for 70 years!

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