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In 1988 rock promoter Dan Webster asked me to build an archway for Foufounes Électriques' now legendary First International Montreal Shock Art Festival. The 2-day fest had the likes of Nick Zedd & Richard Kern showing their Cinema of Transgression films. Zedd's got seized at the border so he did spoken word instead, but Kern managed to bring his in no problem & also played with his band Black Snakes. GG Allin managed to traumatize everyone there by covering the audience in shit of course, & even my band American Devices got to play. I wanted EVERYONE at this event to be forced to walk through my funhouse-style contraption & get pissed on by the monster wiener I sculpted. The only remnant I have left of it today pictured below.

As the framegrabs of me testing it out in 1988 below show, I set it up so that whoever walked through the archway would trigger a buzzer, a light, & my dildo spraying tepid water into their faces. Click HERE or on any of the images on this page to watch this clip.

My design was built around an actual electric, squirming, gyrating dildo I had to buy at a sex shop. I sculpted Alien-like features around it, then made molds so I could cast it in foam & paint it (preliminary sketch below). The store-bought dildo ended up being the single most expensive thing of my whole budget.

Below are the initial plans for the whole contraption before it became centered around the phallus. I substituted a buzzer for the Kern sound effects to make my life a little easier. The water spray was generated by an old-school Waterpik® toothbrush contraption hooked up to tons of tubing that fed the water back into itself for an endless cycle. I didn't get to make the "wound wall" pulsate but I built an oversized circular distended anus opposite the penis as if that was its target. The walls were covered in fleshy, diseased, pink, liquid latex appliances I had sculpted & made molds of.

Below is the final bill I handed in. It goes without saying that the phone numbers & addresses at the bottom of it are obsolete. Following that is the original poster for the show. I still have one of the t-shirts that was made for it which look pretty much like the poster.

Note: I can't remember where I got the poster image. If you recognize it as yours please contact me & I'll credit you. Everything else on this page © Rick Trembles 2011

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