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The Devices used to go all out with their poster designs. They made a ritual out of it. They were lucky to have a talented photographer as a member (drummer Cups Von Helm). In this 1986 poster, Cups' elaborate design consisted of himself in drag holding up their dildocross mascot & being dangerously broadcast on TV in an obese woman's tub.
This 1986 poster advertising the premiere of one of the Devices' homemade super-8 underground films (Cups Von Helm's WOMB SERVICE, the sequel to THE ABORTION THAT LIVED) was their most elaborate. Rick Trembles' collage consisted of the film's central fly-baby character & anatomical drawings surrounding band members (including their pregnant singer at the time; Louise Burns). The offset printer they frequented (this is before photocopying was easily available) used to adorn his shop's walls with pornographic images. They were suddenly replaced with religious icons & as a consequence, he took offense to the dildo-cross intended to grace the top of the poster & deliberately snipped it off during printing.
This 1981 poster was a Rick Trembles' collage also designed to be folded in three so that the word "Halloween" (spelled backwards) could be traced on the other side of the sheet frontwards to title the resulting handout with a splash of blood-red ink dripping down.
Similarly designed foldable 1981 Trembles' collage poster had the heading "bad" traced backwards on the other side & "scene" handwritten underneath for handing out as invitations to their "bad scene."
Cartoon characters by Rick Trembles calculated to simultaneously attention-grab & repulse (1983). RHYTHM METHOD was drummer Jackie Gallant's first band. Watching DEVICES' drummer Cups Von Helm inspired her to play drums & she would replace him over a decade later.
More horrendous Trembles cartoons for this 1985 valentine's day gig, this time taking a stab at the oppressive wave of political correctness beginning to rear its ugly head in Montreal at the time. A woman threatening to publicly protest against the poster later became Trembles' girlfriend.
Cups Von Helm photo session resulting in custom pictures for this Trembles' 1982 collage consisting of a crucified Santa, THE ULTERIOR MOTIVE behind a product-placement mountain & THE AMERICAN DEVICES proudly holding up their shabby P.A. system for display. "Best wishes from the new wave crowd" was meant as sarcasm.
1993 Trembles cartoon poster chronicling the perpetually post-mortem state of THE AMERICAN DEVICES & 1,2,3,GO's improv manifesto (a band Rick Trembles sang intentional gibberish for).
Elaborate Cups Von Helm photo shoot cataloguing an incestuous 1987 music scene for a massive loft party put together by THE AMERICAN DEVICES. Ex-DEVICES, ex-NORMALS & ex-CHROMOSOMES shared the same stage like clockwork.
Dashing 1994 design by Montreal cartoonist Rupert Bottenberg.
Handsome 1991 design by Montreal cartoonist Bernie Mireault (The Jam, The Blair Witch Chronicles).
AMERICAN DEVICES' mid-to-late eighties keyboardist/vocalist Louise Burns dominates this 1988 poster advertising a screening of their super-8 underground home-movies along with the music. Opening band BUBBLEGUM ARMY had Jackie Gallant & Chris Burns (Louise's brother) as members. They would later join THE AMERICAN DEVICES. Above the venue's name stands a rough sketch of what would become the central emblematic creature gracing THE DEVICES' debut LP Decensortized the following year.
Cross section of a flying spermatozoid taunting The Virgin Mary in this heavenly 1988 collage poster design by AMERICAN DEVICE Rob Labelle.
Introducing Louise Burns on keyboards & vocals modeling an out of print DEVICES tee-shirt design (1984).
DEVICES' last stand, the night John Lennon was shot (1980). Phil Nylon designed the poster & it would be his last show. "AMERICAN" got slapped in front of the band name thereafter forevermore.

DEVICES' archives span over two decades worth of posters.

So there's more to come; stay tuned for updates.

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