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Band I played drums for during a few months in 2008. Other members were Shaun Anderson, Samantha Planetta, Ebon Hex, & Marc Montanchez.

To hear Green Gill MP3s click on the first image for SONG #1 & second image for SONG #2

Taken from audiocassette tape recordings during rehearsal.

"I got a mean bruise on my inner thigh today cuz I jammed last night & haven't drummed in a while. To avoid rim shots I like to rest my left hand on my inner thigh for precision positioning whenever I smack the snare. It helps keep my hand level. Trouble is, whenever I smack the snare, I also smack my thigh. Is this a common thing for drummers? Like calluses on guitarists' fingers? Doesn't hurt much, just looks weird. Do they sell leather or PVC leg bands or bubble-wrap wrist braces for this kinda thing?" -Rick Trembles

2008 Green Gill